About me

I love programming and teaching programming! During the week, I write software at a cool company called 2U.

In my spare time, I specialize in teaching HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and SQL. These languages are essential to crafting any modern web application. Whether a student has been programming for a few days or even a few years, I can tailor the lesson specifically for their skill level.

It's incredibly satisfying for me to help guide students successfully through the learning process.

My instructional approach consists of three basic steps:

  1. Identify knowledge gaps through rigorous assessments. If you can't explain or demonstrate it, then you don't understand it.
  2. Fill knowledge gaps and achieve mastery through a combination of targeted projects and exercises.
  3. Rinse and repeat!

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P.S. If you enjoy the articles on my site, you should check out the Recurse Center. It's a wonderful community of programmers!

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